Phoenix Paint Services

Cabinet Painting

We offer high-end cabinet painting & refinishing services

What to Expect When We Paint Your Cabinets:

We are only in your kitchen for 4-5 days. We paint the frames on site and spray the doors and drawers in our warehouse.

Your kitchen will remain fully usable, and dust and paint free for the duration of your project.

Your project will be completed in a week and a half or less.

1st Class Service

Why Chose Phoenix Paint Services:

Painting the cabinets in your house is an amazing way to change the look of your kitchen without the high cost and wastefulness of replacing them. When done correctly, cabinets will look brand new and will last for many years. With that being said, when the proper steps aren’t followed or the right products aren’t used, painted cabinets can end up looking worse than before. Additionally, without proper bonding and specially designed paint, cabinets can fade, peel, chip, scuff and will always be fragile.

At Phoenix Paint Services, we have extensive experience in painting cabinets. We have perfected our method over the years and can confidently offer you the best service in the area. We stand behind all of our work and offer written warranties for every job we do.

how it’s done

Our Cabinet Painting Process:


All doors and drawers are removed and taken to our shop to be sprayed


Tape off the entire kitchen


Degrease, clean, scuff and sand all surfaces to be painted


Spray high quality bonding primer on all doors and drawers. Hand brush and roll onto all cabinet bases and frames


All doors, drawers and cabinet frames are sanded again, caulked and bondo’d to fill any cracks and fix any imperfections


Spray all doors and drawers and hand brush or roll all cabinet bases and frames using high end cabinet paint


Go over everything again with a quick sand, caulking, bondo to remove any imperfections


Spray final coat of paint on doors and drawers


Put it all back together and leave you with beautiful, like new kitchen cabinets