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Epoxy Countertops

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About Our Epoxy Countertops

We are a custom epoxy remodeling system for your countertops, floors, accent walls and shower walls. We offer a huge variety of design options for a completely custom design. Some of the benefits include durability, complete customization and an antibacterial surface. Our epoxy manufactures a 100% solids, zero VOC epoxy that is mixed with colors to create a natural, stone like surface or something more creative and colorful. It is also UV resistant, and heat resistant up to 500ºF.

Our products offer extreme durability, therefore there is no maintenance and need for re-sealing year after year.

We build new or also resurface your existing surfaces. Avoid the costly demolition!

With our product, we can easily pour directly over that outdated tile in your bathroom or transform your outdated kitchen. THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS!!

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We use a high-end epoxy resin to create a custom, lasting design


We can customize any countertop or bar! Save money by not replacing your entire countertop! We can pour directly over your existing tile.


Our epoxy countertops are 5 times more durable than concrete and made to last a lifetime. Our epoxy is the highest quality, most UV stable chip and scratch resistant epoxy resin on the market. We can build custom countertops or refinish outdated ones.


Our surfaces have a temperature resistance of 500°F (and 800 degrees F with a coat of Diamond Shield), zero VOC, 100% non-toxic (food safe) creating an antibacterial surface.

Marble Look

Fully Customizable Colors

Granite Look

See below for tons of examples of kitchens we have transformed!